Amaretti Coffee

Amaretti Coffee

At Amaretti Coffee not only do we have the fancy lattes & delicious chai, but we do the basics too. Come try a Cortado, shot of espresso, cubano, or latte. We do it all!


"I decided to try coffee from Amaretti just right before morning church service. I had not eaten breakfast so I gave their banana donut a try and to my surprise was absolutely delicious! I am very picky with banana so I keep it safe and stick to just eating actual bananas rather than banana loaf, muffins, scones, etc. The vanilla latte I ordered was smooth. The service was extremely friendly. Cute place. I will definitely make time to come back to enjoy their coffee again while I study."

Emily I.


"Read the reviews and my only hesitarion was due to limited parking. However, it is more than worth parking on a side street and taking a short walk. Great coffee, chai and vegan desserts. I unfortunately ate the chocolate muffin before I could take a pic. Service is super friendly, helpful and welcoming. Definitely switching my morning stop to Amaretti."

Host I.


"Pretty cool little place at the same location as Brown coffee on Broadway near the Pearl. Very nice selection of teas and coffees , along with some sodas and some nice cookies to go with it. They are Indian influenced and have an excellent sable cookie made with cumin that was excellent. The spice mixture for the masala chai was spot on and having this infused in a French press brought out the flavors rather than the traditional boil method. The herbal teas were well blended too and there is something for everyone here."

Sun P.

Here at Amaretti we are a coffee shop specializing in chai and coffee. We dedicate ourselves to serving high quality espressos and Masala Chai using natural ingredients and quality flavor. Come visit us and try our speciality espresso or dirty chai today!

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Amaretti Coffee
Amaretti Coffee stands as a pioneering Indian fusion coffee shop in the heart of San Antonio, Texas, marking a significant first in the city's culinary landscape. This unique establishment seamlessly blends the rich traditions of Indian chai with the classic art of espresso-making, creating a truly distinctive experience for coffee and tea enthusiasts alike. At Amaretti Coffee, the menu is a testament to the diversity and depth of Indian tea culture. It features an extensive array of chai fusion drinks, each skillfully crafted to offer a tantalizing blend of spices and flavors. These innovative beverages are more than just a twist on the traditional; they represent a harmonious fusion of cultures, appealing to a wide range of palates. But the coffee shop's offerings don't stop at chai. Espresso enthusiasts will find themselves equally at home, with a selection of expertly prepared espresso-based drinks that cater to traditional coffee tastes. From the robust and richly flavored cappuccino to the smooth, creamy lattes, each drink is a celebration of coffee in its finest form. However, the heart of Amaretti Coffee's menu is the traditional Masala Chai, a timeless Indian classic. Prepared with a blend of aromatic spices and herbs, this chai is a comforting and invigorating drink that encapsulates the essence of Indian tea culture. It serves as a reminder of the shop's roots and commitment to authenticity, even as it innovates and explores new culinary territories. Amaretti Coffee is more than just a coffee shop; it's a cultural bridge, bringing together the best of Indian and Western coffee and tea traditions under one roof. Its unique offerings and commitment to quality make it a must-visit destination for anyone seeking an exceptional beverage experience in San Antonio. We are conveniently located Broadway Street. Order online for carryout or delivery!
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